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Jaipur is a vivaciously beautiful and magnificent city to explore. The city embraces many fantasies within its vicinity, its bustling bazaars, alluring palaces, and temples, are must visit places on earth. This website wills to enlight all the aspects of this pink city.

Jaipur is an abode of royal palaces and monuments, and it was fabricated to accomplish the need of growing population. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II a kachhwaha Rajput discovered and planned Jaipur as a suitable place for reconciling. The foundation of the city can be dated back to early 18th century, it was named after its ruler.

Initially, during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, Amber was the capital, lying at a distance of about eleven kilometers from Jaipur. And the Amber fort was the abode of the ruler. But the scarcity of water and mounting population needed a more flourishing place to settle down. And Jaipur proved to be the best place. Jaipur is surrounded with hills and lies at a distance of about 260 km from Delhi. Birla temple

First premeditated city in India, Jaipur was constructed according to the principles of Shilp-Shastra, a Hindu essay of architecture. The planning of the city embraced nine sections, each built with great consideration. Majorly, two divisions were embraced with palaces and buildings, and the rest seven were planned beautifully for public. To ensure security ‘Parkota’ (huge walls) were constructed.

The city was shrouded pink in 1876, on the trip of Prince of Wales. This shade was chosen considering the harsh reflection of the scorching sun. The royal city is known for its architectural marvelous designs, attractions like City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, and Gaitore are immortal. Forts in Jaipur are real treasure, Nahargarh and Jai garh forts embrace immense compilation of artifacts and artillery of medieval era. Browse www.Jaipur.cc, as the portal holds immense amount of information about this splendid city.

People of Jaipur are really fun loving, and enjoy each moment with enthusiasm. The most enjoyed season is monsoon, where the festivals like Teej are celebrated, to address the arrival of ‘Sawan’. Picnics or Goths (picnic in local language) are celebrated entirely during the monsoon season, where people gather at a picnic spots, cook traditional cuisines dal-Bati-Churma.

The city faces extreme climates, and the preferred season to visit and explore the city is winters, as it saves from scorching sun. The weather in the city is extreme, during summers, scorching sun is so difficult to face, whereas during winters the climate is chilling cold, and the temperature reaches to 5 degree.

Profuse in art and craft, people here are born artisans. Abundantly colorful bazaars of the city allure visitors from round the world. The handicraft in Jaipur is amazingly beautiful, the mojaries, the quilts, the hand printed textile, the wood and marble carvings, the rugs, and several other such products are simply irresistible. The royal paintings of this city have stolen many hearts, stunningly attractive miniature paintings, real epitome of skillful art prevailing in the city.

amer fortOne can never leave Jaipur without admiring its astonishing jewelry. The noble jewelry of the city embraces precious and semi-precious stones. The tantalizing gleaming jewels from Jaipur have bejeweled women all over the world.

Jaipur is the hottest destination for tourists, and is visited by a number of travelers every year. City is so full of life and enjoyment, and when it comes to celebrations, beguile of the city gets unparalleled. People celebrate several festivals all through the year, and the festivity of Jaipur magnetizes tourists from all over the world. Few festivals celebrated in Jaipur are unsurpassed such as Elephant festival, Teej festival, Gangaur, and Kite festival. The Elephant festival is legendary and one of a kind, it embraces many exciting activities done by these giant beasts. Elephants are decorated with colors, jewelry and flamboyant textiles, and the crowd gets crazy when they enjoy Holi, the festival of colors. The traditional festivals such as Teej and Gangaur are celebrated with royal processions, where elephants, camels, horses, chariots, trumpets, and palanquins add charm to the festivity. Entire city is adorned with attractive lights and many decorative, and is worth a visit.

Music and dance is legacy, traditional performers set the juncture on fire. Vivacious music of the city will induce your feet to move. The traditional instruments, along with local vocalists create magic. Enjoying performance of the dancers is so exciting, the acrobats and various other tricks excites the senses. You can please your soul by enjoying these performances at various places within the city such as at Chokh Dhani, and at many other places.

The royal cuisine of the city is really tempting and spicy. Renowned dal-bati-churma and Ghewar is relished by localities as well as visitors. City comprises of several hang out places, from little kiosks to heritage palace hotels. Tempting and mouth watering snacks offered at various joints are so full of taste that, you get addicted to them. One must try the traditional cuisine of the city, the traditional thali or platter embraces dal-bati-churma, ker-sangri, kadhi, gate-ki-sabji, salad, sweets- ghewar, pickle, chutney, bhujia, and ghee. The specialty of the traditional cuisine is the prominent use of ghee (clarified butter), butter milk and curd. If you are a non-vegetarian do not miss to try chicken preparations, one very famous dish is lal-maas. Nevertheless, city also houses a number of international joints such as McDonalds, Pizza hut, Barista, and Café Coffe day.

Glowing pink city is known for its flamboyant textile, tantalizing jewelry and mesmerizing handicraft. You cannot resist to shop in the city. The old city of Jaipur is still the same as it was earlier, and seems like it’s an open museum of vivid artifacts. The bustling markets are abundant in products ranging from textile, decorative, ornaments, mojaries, to carpets. Jaipur rugs and carpets are recognized round the world for their sheer beauty and extreme quality. Nevertheless, there are several one-stop-shops that offer immense amount of art and craft products. Few markets that are known for their artifacts are Nehru Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Raja Park, M.I road, and khajane walon ka rasta.

Jaipur serves to be a delight for travelers, and the grand royal palace hotels bestow a heavenly experience. You can feel the grandeur of the kings and queens that once dwelled in these palaces. Today also the splendor of these imperial dwellings is preserved, and the paintings, the decorative of the erstwhile era will retreat you. The city also serves to be the best destination for celebrating weddings. Few royal palaces such as Umaid Mahal, Ram Bagh Palace, Oberoi Raj Vilas, and Narain Niwas Palace are amongst the few places on earth that actually endows a heavenly celebration of amalgamation of two souls.
city place

Jaipur’s so sacred, embracing numerous temples, is strengthening the bond between divine and being. Temples in the city are legendary and are known for their architecture and beauty. The renowned Govind dev ji temple is documented in Gunnies Book for world records for its astonishing structural design and size. The Birla Mandir is shimmering beautifully with its pure white marble. The native of the city are very religious and this can be discovered at Moti dungri Mandir, where all the new purchased vehicles are brought to obtain blessings.

Gardens in the city are lush, and beautifully structured. The Kanak Vrindavan, Ram Niwas Bagh and Sisodia Rani ka bagh are the few gardens that are worth a visit. The pavilions, temples, fountains, frescos and the galleries are magnificent.

You will experience a mind boggling experience during your visit to Jaipur, as this heritage city embraces world class cinema. You can enjoy latest movies at beautifully constructed movie halls.

Clubs & Pubs of the city are known for their well stock bars, royal cuisines, and tremendous ambiance. You can also booze up at the royal clubs and pubs situated at various heritages palace hotels, as they serve to be the best. Specially, the Henry’s, Café kooba, and Orcha, will boost your mood, and charm your senses.

Jaipur not only serves as the sightseeing destination, but it also houses hospitals, ayurveda centers and yoga centers to bestow good health to all.

The city is growing as a major destination for IT sector, a lot of MNC’s are already set in the city such as Wipro, GE- international, and Infosys. Jaipur is the leading source of manufacture and export of various products such as Jewelry, Rugs and Carpets, Quilts, Textile, Mojaries (camel leather shoe), puppets, and several other decorative. Jaipur is also known for its brass enamel. The city is well connected by all the major cities of the country.
As you will visit to Jaipur, you also get an opportunity to visit the heritage places situated in the vicinity of Jaipur. The places such as Bagru, Samode, Bairath, Karauli, and Shekhawati offer an exuberant experience. Wish to explore more of Jaipur and its excursions, do visit to www.Jaipur.cc .




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